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The MLC’s Services

The Media Law Collaborative (the “MLC”) is a student group organized at the New York University School of Law (“NYU Law”).  The MLC allows NYU Law students to gain practical experience in art, media and entertainment law through the provision of supervised, free legal services to graduate students at New York University Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development (“Steinhardt”) (and potentially other media students as well) as part of Steinhardt’s educational curriculum and the professional development services offered to its graduate students (the “MLC Pro Bono Program”).  Graduate students with legal issues related to the music, film, theater, fine arts, software, publishing or media industries can apply for assistance from the MLC as described in greater detail below. Those Steinhardt graduate students who cannot afford to pay for legal services will be eligible for pro bono assistance. The projects of other Steinhardt students may be accepted at the discretion of the Advisory Group and the MLC.  Applicants will be required to certify their annual income and asset level.

MLC and the Advisory Group

The work of the MLC is supervised by a group of law firms and individual practitioners (the “Advisory Group”) who supervise the NYU Law students in their work for Steinhardt students in the manner required by the New York Rules of Professional Conduct. The Advisory Group will have a Board of Directors which will include members of the faculty of NYU Law.  Advisory Group members are practicing attorneys in the fields of art, media and entertainment law.  The Advisory Group attorneys, supervising the students who are part of the MLC, will advise Steinhardt students regarding their legal issues. The MLC students will work directly with these Advisory Group attorneys, assisting them with research, drafting and other necessary tasks.

Engagement Letter

You will enter into an engagement letter with the Advisory Group attorney assigned to your matter.  NYU Law student participants in the MLC will not be practicing law or appearing as attorneys, but will enter into a separate agreement with the supervising Advisory Group attorney.  No attorney-client relationship will exist between you and the MLC student(s) assigned to your matter.  However, your communications with the MLC student(s) assigned to your matter will remain subject to attorney-client privilege and will remain confidential.


Through the attached application, Steinhardt will identify graduate students with legal issues related to the music, film, theater, fine arts, software, publishing or media industries.  Steinhardt and the MLC will submit applications they approve to the Advisory Group for review and selection of students for pro bono representation.  The information provided in the application will be kept confidential by the MLC and the Advisory Group.


Some examples of the types of projects that will be accepted include the following:

  • Preparation and filing of copyright or trademark applications
  • Start-up formation
  • Counsel regarding governance, tax and/or employment matters
  • Drafting and negotiating partnership and joint venture agreements
  • Counsel regarding licensing issues and intellectual property
  • Other contract drafting and negotiation

*Please note that the MLC provides only non-litigation legal services and does not assist with patent applications.

How to Apply for Legal Assistance

If you are a graduate student at Steinhardt engaged a projected related to the music, film, theater, fine arts, software, publishing or media industries, and your income and asset level are too low to enable you to afford legal assistance, you qualify to apply for assistance from Steinhardt and the MLC.  The MLC and the Advisory Group may, however, accept additional projects in their discretion, even if you do not meet the pro bono income requirements. The next step is to complete and return the attached application. Steinhardt and the MLC will review your application to determine whether you have a legal matter that the MLC can address.  Please submit all of the materials supporting your application as soon as possible so that unnecessary delays in processing your request can be avoided.  Following receipt of a completed application, the MLC students and Advisory Group attorneys may invite you to an introductory meeting to discuss your application and legal needs in more detail before undertaking to represent you.

Steinhardt, the MLC and the Advisory Group have discretion in selecting applications. The selection process depends on the availability of Advisory Group attorneys with the requisite time, experience and expertise. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.  However, given the academic calendar, the MLC may not be able to accept applications immediately. Discrete projects that can be completed within a twelve (12) month time frame will be given preference. The MLC does not provide assistance on an ongoing basis for all your legal issues.  For example, projects that will be submitted for a grade by a Steinhardt professor will not be eligible for the MLC Pro Bono Program until final grades have been received.

The MLC can assist with your project only while you are a Steinhardt student; accordingly, the MLC’s assistance will terminate upon your graduation.

What Does It Cost?

There will be no charge for legal services provided by the MLC.  However, you will be responsible for any filing fees or other expenses incurred and approved by you in advance. The MLC may not provide assistance if you can afford to pay for legal services or if you are affiliated with an organization that can afford to pay for legal services. In the application, you will be required to report and certify your annual income and asset level.  The MLC and the Advisory Group may, however, accept additional projects in their discretion, even you do not meet the pro bono income requirements.

Please send all applications to

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. There is no application term, so feel free to send in your application any time. While we are currently only approved by Steinhardt to work with Steinhardt students, we are working on getting approval from other NYU schools such as Tisch, so don’t let that stop you!


Click here to access the application –> Steinhardt Student Application

Click here to access the application –> Tisch Student Application